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Emiliano Art and Design

Emiliano Art and Design Santa Barbara Interior Design
Emiliano Art and Design Santa Barbara Interior Design1

Emiliano Art & Design
Santa Barbara, California

Emiliano Art and Design

Emiliano Campobello creates harmonious, inspiring spaces with his murals by transforming walls, ceilings and floors with painted illusions. His creations adorn the walls of exclusive resorts and clubs, restaurants and soothing spas, children’s hospitals and healing clinics, chapels and sacred spaces, majestic estates and cozy homes.

Each project is approached as a unique opportunity to create that “special something” specifically designed for that particular client or space. Although there is great variation in the projects stylistically, there is a constant dedication to quality and creative expression. His work defies containment in a style or a box, rather, it opens the box to the posibilities beyond.

Emiliano enjoys working with directly with clients, as well as with designers and architects to create custom artistic elements and effects for their projects and visions. He also uses his expertise on smaller projects such as an accent wall or decorative embellishment as well as the development of samples for clients.

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