Santa Barbara Interior Design with Color

Vibrant ochres, tangerines and turquoises are the colors in the underground tombs in Egypt, a wonderful color scheme for our Santa Barbara Style!

Traveling the world, I learn not to fear color, but to embrace it.

Color is the essence of interior design!


Santa Barbara Interior Designer Linda Adams
Santa Barbara Interior Designer Linda Adams

Travel opens my mind to new possibilities and expands my palette of ideas and color. Traveling is my constant muse. No matter where I go, I am always recording details, patterns, color, architecture, shapes and shadows.


The people and places that inspire me: Louise Nevelson, Ralph Lauren, John Salidino, Mario Buatta, Frank Gehry, Luis Barragan, Rajastan saris from India, Iznik tiles from Turkey, and the Chinese terra cotta warriors - ergo my eclectic viewpoint and fertile imagination!